Tips to Keep in mind When Flying with a Baby

Flying with a Baby

Tips to Keep in mind When Flying with a Baby

One of the greatest concerns of a family with a baby is the journey on a flight. It could turn out to be one of the worst nightmares for some, while many others surprisingly get to enjoy it without any trouble. A screaming baby can create a lot of fuss on a flight if the fellow passengers aren’t as affable as you expect them to be. Soothing a child is the duty of the parents, and if the situation goes out of control, both the father and mother are most likely to be blamed. Here are a few tips to have a smooth flight with your baby or toddler.

1.      Direct Flights

By being a parent of a young child, your wisest move while flying should be to book direct flights to the destination. Connecting flights have to be kept to a minimum with a baby on board because long flights can irk them. As per many studies, it is the landing stage of the journey that disturbs them the most. The sounds and the pressure difference can create pain in their tiny ears, leading to screams or long cries. Mid-flight tantrums can also be avoided by taking flights with a shorter duration of the journey.

In case you aren’t able to book a direct flight, go for the connection flights, but with certain conditions. Look for flights that allow you extra time on the ground between the two. Unless your flight has been delayed, it is ideal to schedule the next flight after two to three hours on the ground. Utilize that time to purchase essentials from the stores in the airport or to change diapers.

Direct Flights

2.      Use the Restrooms

Make sure to visit the restroom before you board the flight so that your child is diapered properly with dry ones. Try to add an extra diaper for your baby while you are in the restroom as a preventive measure. Extra leak protection is a point that is always best to be noted to keep both the baby and the other passengers in their best mood.

3.      Pre-Boarding Techniques

Not many techniques can actually work unless you know how to handle the situation. If you want to spend less time on the airplane with your baby, it is better to board it to the end of that procedure. But that could be hassling at times since settling in might take more time when you are carrying children in your arms. Boarding as soon as the jetway is ready for it could be the best when not many people are moving around in the airplane. You get ample time to settle in with your baby.

Pre-Boarding Techniques

4.      Separate Ticket for Your Child

This might seem like an extra expense for the families with a child of less than one year of age. But it will always prove to be beneficial, especially when the flights span over a few hours. You are provided with more room when you have an extra seat, thereby helping you to spread out in times of any inconvenience. If your child is above 2 years of age, booking a separate seat is imperative.

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